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"Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him. "
- Booker T. Washington

SET 34

Question 1: Choose the word which is different from the rest.



Correct Answer

Do You Know?

Although an atheist himself, Sigmund Freud was born into a Jewish family and became a particular target of the Nazis when they rose to power. His books were among those burned by the Nazis in 1933, which caused him to quip: "What progress we are making. In the Middle Ages they would have burnt me; nowadays they are content with burning my books.” After Germany annexed Austria, the Nazis raided his apartment, and the Gestapo detained and interrogated his daughter, Anna. With the assistance of his friend and patient, Princess Marie Bonaparte, a reluctant Freud fled to Paris and then London with his wife and Anna.
Joseph Stalin is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a murderous dictator (wrapped in a mustache). And adding to this mystery is the question of why Stalin left school: according to some reports, the future leader couldn't pay his tuition. Others claim he was expelled for his anti-Nicholas II political views. And another states he missed too many exams. And arguably, we will never actually know.