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"Don't look for big things, just do small things with great love. "

SET 33

Question 1: River : Ocean



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Although Adolf Hitler intended the 1936 Berlin Games to be a showcase for the Nazi ideology of Aryan racial supremacy, it was a black man who left the biggest imprint on that year's Games. In one of the greatest performances in Olympic history, Jesse Owens captured gold in the 100 meters, long jump, 200 meters and 4×100 meter relay, a feat that would not be matched until American Carl Lewis did the same at the 1984 Los Angeles Games.
George Orwell's father, Richard W. Blair, was a civil servant employed by the Opium Department of the British Indian government in Motihari, India. His job was to oversee the growing of opium by the Indian farmers. His mother was Ida Blair (nee Limouzin) and he had an older sister by five years named Marjorie (also born in India). By the time Eric was a year old, Ida had moved her and the children to England. Eric never returned to Motihari. When Eric was five, his sister Avril was born; conceived during one of the rare times Richard was able to get leave.