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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. "

SET 24

Question 1: Choose the pair in which the words are differently related from the rest.



Correct Answer

Do You Know?

There have been many cinematic portrayals of Leon Trotsky, but few are perhaps as surprising as the ‘The Trotsky' movie, filmed in 2009. The moved stars Jay Baruchel as Leon Bronstein, a Canadian high school student convinced he is the reincarnated Leon Trotsky. He follows in his namesake's footsteps, organising union activity at his private high school before being expelled (exiled) into a rougher public school, where he does the same again, and falls in love with a beautiful brunette named Alexandra (co-incidentally the name of the real life Trotsky's wife)/
After the second World War, many in the U.S. were gripped by an overwhelming fear of communist infiltration. Walt Disney believed in the Red Menace, and in concert with other leading industry executives, formed the anti-communist Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals (MPA). In addition to serving as the MPA's vice president, he testified in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee against several labor organizers, who he accused of motivating his animators to strike. Disney also accused the Screen Actors Guild of being a communist front, and claimed their 1941 strike was a socialist plot.