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"Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you. "
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr

SET 18

Question 1: 335 : 216 :: 987 : ?



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In August 1887, just a few months after V.Lenin's brother's death, 17-year-old Lenin entered Kazan University to study law. He was expelled that December, however, for taking part in a student protest. Though numerous attempts at readmission failed, he later enrolled as an external student at St. Petersburg University. Lenin completed his education there in 1891 and then briefly labored as a defense attorney. By that time, he had become enthralled by the work of famed communist thinker Karl Marx.
Lata Mangeshkar, as most know, is the daughter of Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar, (a theatre actor and classical singer) and Shevanti (Shudhamati). Born on 28th September 1929, Lata was not her original name. She was born as Hema but rechristened later as Lata after a famous character Latika from her father's play Bhaaw Bandhan. Lataji started singing at the age of five and studied the fine art of music with Aman Ali Khan Sahib and Amanat Khan, established and famous singers of that time. When Lata Mangeshkar entered the film industry as a playback singer, she was rejected because in that era, signers like Noor Jehan and Shamshad Begum ruled the roost with their heavy nasal voices. Lata didi's voice was considered too thin for that time. She acted in over eight films from the year 1942-1948 due to the sad demise of her father who passed away in 1942, leaving Lataji to fend for her family. With no success in these films, she debuted with playback singing for the Marathi film Kiti Hasaal (1942) but the song never saw the light of day as it was edited form the film.