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ONLINE urban lingo

With the emergence of internet, the communication style has taken a big shift, particularly writing. The texting has become such a rage that you are judged on how smartly you can express yourself using least number of words. Urban Lingo, as it might sound, does not provide tests only on slangs used in the internet language, it also provides an immediate tool for you to hone and flaunt your contemporary writing (texting) skills. The Urban Lingo Test consists of question on SMS language, modified words, and slangs used by today’s youth. It is probably not the best way to improve your English, but it is certainly one of the best ways to keep pace with the change in communication style. Myriad of Urban Lingo Test questions are available on this portal and just a few hours spent can prove invaluable. It is important to consider questions carefully. The Urban Lingo Tests in this portal are short and entertaining as well. Every set consists of 10 questions, with the result and correct answers at the end of each set.

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