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Useful Tips to crack SBI PO Exam: In the Examination corridor make strategy as indicated by your arrangement. Take that area which is your quality and less time taking. Time Management is imperative for the SBI PO Exam. To ace your aptitude give yourself a target time and solve your mock aptitude tests within that time frame. Focus towards time amid comprehending questions. By thorough practice one can easily master the time management with precision, which can be a great help in SBI PO exam. Read newspapers day by day. This propensity will help you in General Awareness area. When syllabus is secured go for update whatever number times as could be allowed with steady assessment of your standard by unraveling past question papers after every modification. On the off chance that a question is not known or time taking or far fetched better go for the following and come back to it after you answer all the known ones. On the off chance that you don't know of some answer or it is out of your insight to answer any question, better don't reply to keep away from negative check. Take as many SBI PO Exam mock tests as possible

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