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ONLINE iq test

With the emergence of internet, knowledge has become a party of everybody’s kitty. So how does an examiner or an employer differentiates between two candidates? IQ Tests provide an immediate filter for employers to discard those who have not properly prepared for them and scores under 50% will almost certainly result in a failed job application.

iq test - BASIC

One should therefore rather spend more time on honing IQ skills than to write attractive resumes. A good strong score in IQ Tests also present a really valuable opportunity for candidates to outshine his/ her competitors and make a real difference if a company is stuck in deciding between two potential employees.

iq test - MEDIUM

It is essential that candidates practice and get comfortable with IQ in today’s competitive job market. Myriad of IQ Test questions are available on this portal and just a few hours spent can prove invaluable. It is important to consider questions carefully.

iq test - EXPERT

The IQ Tests in this portal are short and entertaining as well. Every set consists of 10 questions, with the result and correct answers at the end of each set.

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