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ONLINE football quiz

Play football quiz at puzznbuzz.com. You can also make your own football quiz or send us your favorite football quiz questions with answers, we will try to incorporate your questions in our portal. Here you can play quiz and also challenge your friend about his/her knowledge about football. There are ten question is each set of football quiz with the result at the end of each quiz. Here are some basic level football quizzes. Enjoy!

football quiz - BASIC

football quiz - MEDIUM

Here you will discover all the football trivia questions together with the answers. The idea is basic, you need to attempt 10 questions on the football quiz and the in the subsequent page you will find your score. Play this Quiz to get endless information about Football Game, Football Worldcups and Football history. This Football Quiz Game incorporates questions from following Categories: Football World Cup, FA Cup, Chief League, Soccer, Soccer Locations, New England Patriots, NFL Quiz, European Football . This football game is not only a quiz, but you can also learn cool actualities of football. The football quiz incorporates the diverse questions of UEFA, FA, FIFA world glass, Premier League, Copa America and football GK (General information) and so on also, it is ideal for football fans. Here are some medium level football quizzes.

football quiz - EXPERT

Interesting fact about football: 1-> The first official basketball was played with a soccer ball. 2-> Except for 1930 and 1950 FIFA world cup, all FIFA world cup finals have seen at least one European Team. 3-> In year 1964, an on-field referee made a controversial call during a football match in Peru which caused a riot that killed over 300 people.... for more play the expert level football quiz

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