PuzzNBuzz was founded in India in 2015. Our aim is to help people ace their reasoning skills in a entertaing way. And in this entertaining way we hope to help thousands of people prepare for their reasoning tests which may help in their dream career.

PuzzNBuzz.com is a website which provides useful and important questions regarding Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General Knowledge and many more. We can say it is a completely useful for all the aspirants who are preparing for Competitive Exams. Here we provide lots of online test along with solution and report page.

We make sure that whoever is taking these tests can get a better experience to face the original competitive exams.

Practice makes a man perfect:
We believe that the more reasoning tests one takes the easier it gets and eventually passing these tests becomes a simple routine. There are millions of people who desperately need these practice tests each day. But the quality and number of tests available online is just not enough. There is too much of repetition of tests available on web.

So we set out to build the fresh, non-repetitive tests.