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Do You Know?

There have been many cinematic portrayals of Leon Trotsky, but few are perhaps as surprising as the ‘The Trotsky' movie, filmed in 2009. The moved stars Jay Baruchel as Leon Bronstein, a Canadian high school student convinced he is the reincarnated Leon Trotsky. He follows in his namesake's footsteps, organising union activity at his private high school before being expelled (exiled) into a rougher public school, where he does the same again, and falls in love with a beautiful brunette named Alexandra (co-incidentally the name of the real life Trotsky's wife)/

When Louis Pasteur initially went to college in 1838, he studied science, but only came 16th in his year. He felt this was not good enough, so went away and studied for a further 12 months, before taking his exams again. The next time, he came 5th in his year and went on to study physics and chemistry.