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"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying. "


Question 1: Paw : Cat :: Hoof : ?



Correct Answer

Do You Know?

Marilyn Monroe's famous dresses are now worth fortunes. The skin tight dress that she wore when she sung happy birthday song to John F. Kennedy sold for over one million dollars in 1999 and her white dress from the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch', sold for a staggering 4.6 million in 2011.
According to rocker Alice Cooper, Elvis Presley once invited him — along with Chubby Checker, Liza Minnelli and Linda Lovelace — to a small gathering at his Las Vegas hotel suite in the 1970s. Sometime during the evening, Presley retrieved a loaded .38 from his kitchen drawer and told Cooper to point it at him, saying, "I'm gonna show you how to take this gun out of somebody's hand." Cooper jokingly says that he thought about shooting Presley (and forever being known as the guy who shot Elvis), but before Cooper knew what hit him, he was on the floor with Elvis' boot at his throat. Here he is telling the story on BBC Two's "Never Mind the Buzzcocks":