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"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. "
- Thomas Jefferson


Question 1: Lawyer : Court



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A year after Babe Ruth's retirement, Ruth was among the five initial inductees elected to the new National Baseball Hall of Fame under construction in Cooperstown, New York. In spite of Ruth's amazing career statistics, 11 of the 226 voters left him off their ballots, and the "Sultan of Swat” trailed Ty Cobb as the leading vote-getter. Ruth's plaque in Cooperstown refers to him as baseball's "greatest drawing card,” and proving the point, the Hall of Fame last month opened a new exhibit on Ruth to coincide with the centennial of his first big-league season.
Before Charles de Gaulle was involved in a military career, de Gaulle completed his formal education. Then he attended to French military academy of Saint-Cyr. It was the most notable military college in US. He graduated from the college in 1912.