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"We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young. "

SET 16

Question 1: Sunrise : Sunset



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The Nehru family has a Mughal background with Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (the word means kafir-killer) who adopted a Hindu name Gangadhar Nehru. The British were slaughtering Mughals everywhere, so that explained. Ghiyasuddin Ghazi apparently used to reside on the bank of a canal (or Nehr) near the Red Fort. Thus, he adopted the name ‘Nehru' as the family name.
Unlike many other planets which "self-heal” through natural geological processes, the surface of Mercury is covered in craters. These are caused by numerous encounters with asteroids and comets. Most Mercurian craters are named after famous writers and artists. Any crater larger than 250 kilometres in diameter is referred to as a Basin. The Caloris Basin is the largest impact crater on Mercury covering approximately 1,550 km in diameter and was discovered in 1974 by the Mariner 10 probe.