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"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. "
- Oprah Winfrey

SET 15

Question 1: Choose the word which is different from the rest.



Correct Answer

Do You Know?

Both Charles Darwin and Lincoln were born on February 12, 1809, but in much different settings. While America's 16th president was born in a rude log cabin in the Kentucky wilderness, Darwin was born in a grand Georgian house on an estate overlooking the River Severn and the medieval market town of Shrewsbury, England.
In 1999, Roger Federer entered the top 100 rankings in tennis. He played his 1st final at the Marseille Open in 2000, which he lost to Marc Rosset. His 1st title came in 1999 on the Challenger tour, winning the doubles event in Spain, and in 2001, he won his 1st singles title in Milan Indoor tournament, against Julien Boutter.