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"Love endures only when the lovers love many things together and not merely each other. "

SET 13

Question 1: A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge



Correct Answer

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Madonna and Sean Penn filed for divorce in December 1987. While her lawyers blamed it on Penn's drinking at the time, Madonna has explained, "I was completely obsessed with my career and not ready to be generous in any shape or form.”
German shoemaker Adolf "Adi” Dassler didn't view the Berlin Games as a vehicle for Nazi propaganda but as a chance to launch his humble athletic shoe business. Jesse Owens successfully lobbied not only German athletes, but Owens as well, to wear his personally handcrafted leather track shoes with extra long spikes. The American's triumph helped to launch his business, and a decade later Dassler would start his own company—Adidas.