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" The song that I will sing is an old song, so old that none knows who made it. It has been handed down through generations and was taught to me when I was but a little lad. It is now my own song. It belongs to me. This is a holy song (medicine song), and great is its power. The song tells how, as I sing, I go through the air to a holy place where Yusun (The Supreme Being) will give me power to do wonderful things. I am surrounded by little clouds, and as I go through the air I change, becoming spirit only. "
- Geronimo, Apache warrior/leader

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Take this interesting Music Quiz and gain General Knowledge on Music . The questions in Music Quiz are not from any one particular nation, or any particular style of Music. Music Quiz at Puzznbuzz.com covers questions about Musics from all around the globe, covering gamut of fields. If you think you are a Music expert you must take these Music Quizzes and see where you stand. If you want to master the knowledge on Music, you must take these Music quizzes as many as possible.There are 10 questions in each set of Music Quiz, and questions in the set of Music Quiz move from easy to hard and are followed by a full list of answers and score at the end of each set. so you can check how well you did in Music Quiz. Also Learn interesting Music facts and information.